10 Powerfull quotes of smith wigglesworth

mardi 29 mai 2012

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A common computer icon representing a speaker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
1) I am not moved by what I see or feel but by what I believe.

2) "If the spirit does not move me, I move the Spirit."

3) "How the outlook changes when Jesus comes!"

4) "Great faith is the product of great fights."

5) "You will have to voice many things in order to bring them into

 6) "Some people like to read their Bibles in the Hebrew; some like to read
it in the Greek; I like to ready it in the Holy Spirit."

7) "If you are in the same place today as you were yesterday, you are
a backslider."

8) "To the man of faith, there is not a thing that is not opportunity."

9) "Before a man can bind the enemy, he must know there is nothing
binding him."

10) "Voice your position in God and you will be surrounded by all theresources of God in the time of trial."

11) "Fear looks; faith jumps. Faith never fails to obtain its object. If I leave you as I found you, I am not God's channel. I am not here to entertain you, but to get you to the place where you can laugh at the impossible."

12)  "Can demons remain in your presence? You have to be greater than demons. Can disease lodge in the body that you touch? You have to be greater than the disease." 1 Jn. 4:4

13) "Purity is vital to faith."

14) "God's plan for you is to forget the past in every way, because the future
is so amazingly wonderful. Oh, the word of God is so wonderful! The word so eats me
up that I have no place but in God's word."

15) "I want to help you decide that, by the power of God, you will not be

16) "I am always on my merit. Every time I preach, I preach my best.
Every time I pray, I pray my best."

17) "Shout, 'Get thee behind me, Satan,,,' and you will have the best time on
earth. Whisper it, and you won't."

18) "God wants His people to be ablaze with Holy Ghost activity."

19) "If you leave people as you found them, God is not speaking by you.
If you are not making people mad or glad, there is something amiss with your
ministry. If there is not a war on, it's a bad job for you."

20) "I want you to promise the Lord that, from tonight, you will not think
back, look back, or act back!"

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