Debate: Should Church Teach Tithe

vendredi 6 juillet 2012

What does the Bible say about Christian tithing? Does a Christian always have to give 10% to the church?

 A Christian debate on tithe and offerings, as well as, church stewardship and first fruit tithing.

First speaking FOR the motion is the Reverend Mike Kola Ewuosho. His emphasis is on laying a proper foundation and character development.

And coming from a different perspective is Russell Earl Kelly, PHD. And he is from Georgia.


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 10 things about tithing that are gone

1) the tithe that went to the Levitical servants is gone. 
2) The tithe went to the Old Covenant priests; that is gone. 
3) The definition of tithe was food from God’s holy land of Israel; that’s gone. 
4) The tithe went to the Levitical cities; that’s gone. 
5) The tithe was Old Covenant; that’s gone. Hebrews 7 says the tithe was disannulled; that’s gone. 
6) The Hebrews at least are dead to the law; that’s gone. 
7) I as a Gentile never was under the law; wow, that’s gone. At Calvary the Bible says that Jesus nailed the ordinances to the cross. He did away with the handwriting of ordinances that was against us. Tithing was an ordinance, believe it or not, in Numbers 18. That’s gone.
8) The temple is gone. 
9) The priesthood is gone. 
10) The Old Covenant temple and priesthood that caused the Levitical priesthood to be supported by tithes is now both indwelling me. I am the Temple of God. I am a priest before God and I do not tithe to myself. It’s gone.

. And, therefore, I conclude that tithing is also gone. Russell Earl Kelly

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